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If you prefer not dealing with an academically qualified and experienced Financial Adviser in person but still require your own personalised objective FINANCIAL NEEDS AUDIT of your Financial situation


Thinking Financial Planners is a fee-based Financial Planning consultancy objectively and holistically advising both our high self-worth clients as well as our corporate clients in Wealth and Retirement Management, Estate Planning and Financial Risk Mitigation. We ask, we listen attentively, we brainstorm, we think strategically, we plan, we implement and we take diligent care of our client’s Financial strategy so they can focus on their own areas of expertise and importance. Thinking Financial Planners is fiercely independent; passionately impartial and completely free to find solutions and make recommendations that are truly in our clients’ best interests. We care about our clients, whilst respecting their space and time.

Personalised Consulting

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Tax legislation is increasingly complex. Our firm offers both compliance and consulting functions in most areas of tax.


The wealth environment is constantly evolving. Financial risk, market volatility and regulatory changes require constant alignment. Our firm can ensure your wealth plans are fit for purpose.


Our Estate Planning and Fiduciary Services encompass the practical aspects of the drafting of wills and administration of deceased estates.


Life insurance and Disability and Dreaded disease seems simple until you start making comparisons then suddenly it can become confusing and misleading. Getting truly independent, objective and holistic personalized advice in these areas can make the difference


Our firm facilitates short, medium and long term borrowing, deposits and investment solutions through our banking partner Grindrod Bank. We are able to negotiate some of the best rates in the market.

Corporate Consulting

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The corporate retirement landscape is evolving constantly. Our firm can ensuring that your company's Retirement strategies are designed to maintain dynamic retirement programs that align with your business goals and optimize results for both your business and your employees.


Death or disablement of a business owner or co-owner could leave such owner’s estate severely exposed. Our firm will analyse in depth such risks within your business and provide advice and possible solutions that are appropriate and effective.

Key Person

A key person/s is responsible for the majority of profits, or has a unique / hard to replace skill set such as Intellectual Property or specialized knowledge which may be vital to the organisation. Our firm can assist in analysing various risks associated with such key person/s and provide appropriate solutions.


Business owners who borrow capital usually have to sign personal suretyship on behalf of their businesses with the result that the business owner's estate could be held liable for the businesses debts. We can assist in addressing these risks and concerns.


Our firm facilitates short, medium and long term borrowing, deposits and investment solutions through our banking partner Grindrod Bank. We are able to negotiate some of the best rates in the market.

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For clients who do not want, or cannot afford, the personalized services of an academically qualified professional independent financial advisor the robo-advisor option provides an automated, cost effective, algorithm-based online service for investing your money. A robo-advisor constructs an investment portfolio tailored to your personal risk appetite, using questionnaires to discern important information about you, needed to personalize a portfolio designed specifically for you. The robo-advisor can complement or even replace face-to-face simplified savings and investment advice with online guidance and allows you to monitor your investments 24/7, making your life easier and your money work harder for you because of the low costs compared to human personalized advice. Robo-advisors aren’t robots — they are algorithms created, monitored and tweaked by real (human) investment professionals

You can book accommodation, get a taxi, have food delivered to your door or watch any movie you want using your online device and now you can invest your money too, right here, right now – the first independent hybrid personal and robo firm to serve South Africa.


Josè Proença has been advising clients since 1981, his academic qualifications include the Advanced CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER); the Higher Diploma in Tax Law through WITS University (H. Dip (Tax Law)) Wits and the FIDSA® (Fiduciary Institute of SA) qualification through the University of the Free State enabling him to be a practitioner in Deceased Estates and WILL drafting.

Josè specializes in Tax Planning; Wealth Management, Deceased Estates, Estate Planning and Financial Risk Mitigation for personal clients as well as Corporate Wealth; Retirement and Risk Mitigation in businesses.

In order to improve your experience and our service to you we have incorporated a feedback programme. A quick  4 min survey to help us improve our current service delivery. We would appreciate your participation as we value your input

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Personal Questionnaire

  • where you are financially today
  • where you are going with your finances
  • how to solve one or more financial challenges you may have
  • how to monitor your finances on an ongoing basis

Download your PERSONAL QUESTIONNAIRE (click here) onto your device, complete it, and sign it  and then return to our website and under FNA QUESTIONNAIRE BROWSE the file from your device and SUBMIT QUESTIONNAIRE.

You will be acknowledged and be advised of EFT payment details. Within 36 hours of submitting Proof of Payment you will receive your Personalised Financial Needs Audit result with comments and action points and you can decide on the way forward with whom ever you wish.”